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Developing a custom business software can be an expensive investment, whereby you often have to deal with overseas development companies or approach domestic businesses that do not meet your expectations.

A successful Project Manager has to to simultaneously manage various elements to make a project successful; resource, time, money and scope of work. Our partner RAMMP IT has the experts who closely work with clients for better understanding of their business objectives, defining their software requirements and writing specifications with the help of our business analysts. Thereafter, we design, develop, test, deploy, provide training, documentation and hand-over finally after verifying its seamless operation, followed by maintenance.

RAMMP IT’s partners specialize in development and integration of the latest Software & Hardware technologies across Banking, Financial, Cultural & Education, Retail and Distribution industries.

Area of Specialization

  1. NET Framework
  2. Sharepoint
  3. ASP.NET with MVC Architecture
  4. Microsoft SQL Server
  5. Mobile APPS for Apple and Android
  6. Java Oracle PHP
  7. MySQL & popular databases

Products & Industries

  1. SAP
  2. ERP
  3. CRM
  4. Tally ERP 9
  5. Food & Beverages
  6. Retail IT Automation
  7. Banking & Online Remittance
  8. Client specific customized Software

The Software solutions can be integrated and hosted with leading cloud solution providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and other leading hosting providers.

Let us talk, understand your needs, find suitable solution that suits your budget, propose, customize and make it work for you.

Singapore Mobile App Developer

Developing a mobile app can be a really challenging task if we are going to build it from scratch. That’s how the digital world goes by these days. Businesses are not solely relying on websites for their revenue but are also going beyond it to have a mobile app developed to reach more audience.

Our partner RAMMP IT helps you achieve your goals and dreams by providing you with free consultation on your app idea and by following a systematic process throughout and ensure your app impress your audience and user-friendly, by incorporating the features you require. The final product, your custom app, will truly be impressive!

One of the key-thing that as a client, you need to decide, if you wish the App to be developed in Apple OR in Android platform. OR both. Ofcourse, there is a costing issue and you also need to consider the fact that if you wish the App to be developed in Native OR in Hybrid.

Native Apps

Native mobile apps being the most common type of app are built for specific platforms such as iOS and Android. Both iOS and Android are built using different programming languages. Objective-C and Swift are used for iOS Apps and Java is used for Android apps. Native apps are also built using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the different operating systems. Apple and Google provide developers with their own set of development tools, interface elements and SDK. Most businesses prefer to build a native mobile app due to diverse benefits offered.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app is a combination of native app and web app. Hybrid Apps work across platforms but they behave like native apps. The app can be installed on a device just like a native app but it’s actually a web application.
Hybrid applications can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms. They are built similar to websites and the back-end is developed using JavaScript, HTML and CSS and run in WebView.

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